Yoshiko Maruyama, CDME

Chief Consultant, World Business Associates Co., Ltd

Yoshiko Maruyama, CDME

Yoshiko Maruyama is currently most passionate about the work she is supporting Japanese destination organizations to create their strategies, also, has the ambition to make them catch up with the global level.

As a Chief Consultant of World Business Associates Co., Ltd., she has contributed to a number of achievements with her team including the tourism field, in working with governments, municipalities, and other public organizations for about 10 years.

She started learning at the CDME course in 2016 just after Japan had implemented the DMO scheme in 2015. Now, Yoshiko is the first and only CDME certificant in Japan, is a true pioneer in this field.

She has an extensive network among the Japanese tourism sector such as the national ministries, government agencies, local authorities, industrial associations, and destination organizations to disseminate her knowledge through projects, and conduct site visits abroad.

Prior to her current role, Yoshiko worked in media companies, including DirecTV Japan, and a marketing company, to establish her expertise in skills of marketing strategy and data analysis for about 15 years. With the certification of the Registered National Management Consultant from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, Yoshiko turned to a consultant and has developed a unique perspective; she understands both public and private sectors, and domestic and global. Yoshiko believes that tourism and destination organizations are the perfect fields to devote her experience and energy to, so she is focusing her projects on the tourism sector now.

Her interests in advanced tourism are not only in North America but also in Europe and other parts of the world. Besides a lot of local-based projects, on a current mission to international collaboration between United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)- Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), she is a leader of a sustainable tourism project, which is ongoing since 2019.

Yoshiko writes an article monthly on the Travel Journal which has the longest history and one of the most influential magazines in Japan.

She is very proactive and motivates herself to absorb higher and latest knowledge.

Yoshiko is a lover to watch foreign drama series in relax time and dreams visiting each location.