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The Meetings Information Network (MINT+) database helps destinations prospect intelligently by using both historical data and information on future bookings. A joint venture between Destinations International and Simpleview, MINT+ is a shared repository of information on organizations and their meetings and events and is the DMO industry’s exclusive data cooperative.

More Than 140 Destinations Using MINT

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The Value of MINT+

MINT+ is a valuable business development and relationship management resource for your sales professionals. Using pattern matching, MINT+ recommends meetings by looking at your historical booked meetings and identifying similar ones for your consideration.

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Why Use MINT+?

"The Visit Pasadena sales team names MINT+ as their most valuable tool for both prospecting and researching business event opportunities. The query builder feature allows us to find and target accounts that best align with the needs of our community. Taking a strategic approach to prospecting has increased the efficiency and effectiveness of our sales efforts. MINT+ is one of the best investments Visit Pasadena makes each fiscal year."

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Pasadena Convention and Visitors Bureau

Meetings Prospecting

Simpleview and Destinations International analyze the Top 250 conventions using the Meeting Information Network (MINT+) database.

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Member contributions to the shared data cooperative are automatically pulled into a processing pool from their CRM before being added to MINT+. This ensures more complete and robust meeting data and increases the pool for query building and prospecting for direct outreach.


You can identify a record in MINT+ and through the integration, pull the record into your CRM without having to enter the information manually. The integration is designed to provide the best balance of getting new information and updates while still maintaining control of your own records.


You’ll have confidence in the accuracy of the MINT+ data because it uses universal industry standardization. Standardized and objective market segmentation is a central component in the system that makes all the meetings data more searchable and thus more useful to users in both their search and query.


The query builder helps you quickly hone in on the right meetings and qualify prospects by letting you enter destination-specific criteria based on size, market segment, and need period. MINT+ will provide a customized list for you to prospect.


This feature allows destination sales leaders and their teams the ability to proactively score events, based on their specific criteria, using the MINT+ Event Scoring Profile calculator, which is a complimentary value to MINT+ subscribers.

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