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Resources for Canadian Destinations

Resources for Canadian Destination Organizations

Destinations International is proud to provide a variety of Canada-specific resources for our 70+ Canadian destination organization members. The tourism industry in Canada fuels the creation of 1 in 15 jobs nationwide, infusing over $100 billion into the Canadian economy. Our hope is to provide you the resources and guidance on key industry issues including advocacy, policy, and marketing in order to help you serve your destinations.

Canadian Visitor Based Assessment Study

This report outlines the critical role and importance of Visitor-Based Assessments (VBAs) in continuing to grow the visitor economy in Canada.

Tourism Lexicon: Canada (2023 Release)

Utilizing the world's most comprehensive database of legislative information, Destinations International was able to build a list of key words that were used repeatedly by elected officials when talking positively about travel and tourism.

Canadian Destination Leadership Council

Destinations International’s Canadian Destination Leadership Council is comprised of destination organization executives from across Canada. The Council provides a forum for Canadian destination organization executives to meet regularly throughout the year to coordinate on key industry issues.

Highlights From the 2022 Resident Sentiment Study

As we continue the transition to a post-pandemic world, Longwoods International surveyed Canadian residents to better understand how they now view the industry’s place in their communities and lives.

Destination Promotion: A Catalyst for Community Vitality

Using in-depth examples from ten North American destinations including Ottawa and Victoria, this new research reveals how investing in destination promotion acts as a catalyst for broader economic development, improved quality of life, and a stronger sense of place.

2023 National Resident Sentiment Studies Industry Brief

Each year, Longwoods International conducts a national study exploring Canadians' perceptions of tourism, its impacts, and the industry’s performance  in destination development, stewardship, and marketing.

Community Vitality Wheel

A French-Canadian version of the Community Vitality Wheel graphic is now available to download! Share with your network how destination organizations promote a community to become a place where people want to visit, live, work and play.

Destinations International 2023 Tourism Lexicon - Canadian Edition