Social Inclusion Studies

Destinations International is committed to transforming destination communities through thought leadership, best practices and tools based on Social Inclusion principles to empower our members so their destinations excel.

In 2017, Destinations International made the decision to prioritize Social Inclusion as a strategic goal for the association. From that point forward, and through the support and leadership of the board and Social Inclusion Committee, Destinations International set on a path to be a leader in social inclusion on behalf of the membership and the broader tourism industry. This process is not only a commitment, but also a long-term strategy to achieve organizational success.

The Social Inclusion Studies summarize data from individuals across Destination’s International membership. Studies examine demographics such as age, gender, title, racial ethnicity, sexual identity, religion, ability and military veteran status. In addition, more than 20 statements on social inclusion provide perspective on how organizations and staff embrace equity, diversity and inclusion.

Destinations International's latest studies, leveraging data captured in 2023, provide a current state on both destination organizations and industry partner organizations. Previous studies with data from 2020 and 2022 address social inclusion from the destination organization lens.

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