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The RFP of the Future: Stronger Partnerships, Successful Events

The RFP of the Future: Stronger Partnerships, Successful Events

The RFP of the Future

Requests For Proposals (RFPs) take new shape as a more inclusive tool that focuses on the meeting and attendee needs with an emphasis on re-evaluating business events strategy, creating strong partnerships and taking a more holistic approach centered around intentional collaboration.

The Value of Opportunity

The RFP is where business event strategists set the stage to share the blueprint of their event, organization and industry goals. Setting it up correctly from the start will enable meeting professionals to:

  • Maximize their success

  • Speak to the ROI of their different stakeholders

  • Ask better questions during the destination selection process

  • Create a snapshot of the services needed to make informed decisions

  • Keep their seat at the strategic table and value add to the industry

The Power of Partnership

Investing time, business and genuine concern in your relationships with Destination Organizations and other partners supporting your event improve the experience of your attendees, your resources in the destination, and those relationships with partners, clients and attendees. It’s time to include the host city’s CVB in your RFP planning.

Emily Scheiderer

"What is producing the ‘RFP of the Future’ is [the] stepping away from copy-and-paste RFPs and looking at how you can partner to really make change."

Senior Director of Education, Sales and Services
Destinations International

Tools, Tips & Trends

Sample RFP
  • Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI)

  • Intellectual Capital

  • Sustainability

  • Workforce 

  • Checklists

  • 10 Tips to Maximize Success in Your RFP

Contracting Best Practices

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