If They Value You, They Will Fund You

We are in what we call the Great Interruption. A pandemic, civil unrest, widespread unemployment, a recession, natural disasters – all made worse by the trend to politicize everything. Normalcy has been upended. Patterns of behavior and supply chains that we relied on have been disrupted. Government budgets are wrecked. Deficits are at an all-time high. Serious rebuilding will need to take place - rebuilding of confidence and of structure.

These realities can draw all our focus if we allow it. However, we cannot stop thinking about the future that will come. We need to start thinking — not about a return to normal — but about the next normal. And we should use this time to not only think about what things may look like but what changes will have occurred that are not going away. We need to think about how we would like them to look so that we can begin that work as we navigate this Great Interruption. Where better to start than with funding? It is core to what we do, it is our biggest concern and, frankly, it is overdue to kick some ideas around.


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