Corporate Partner is the most advanced location analytics platform describing physical locations, the people and businesses that interact with them, and the markets they inhabit.  Placer empowers thousands of local governments and civic organizations to understand consumer behavior, attract best-fit retailers and businesses, analyze marketing and event performance, assess public investments and optimize resources, boost tourism, and support local businesses to drive economic growth. 

Travel & Tourism Report

Evaluate the economic impact of short-term travel on a particular region.
● Discover how many overnight tourists are visiting your city or BID of interest and how long they’re staying for.
● Break down the number of visitors and visit nights by visitors’ CBSA/state of origin, as well as ZIP code of destination.
● Estimate tourists’ spending potential by analyzing their household income and daily disposable income.

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Migration Trends Report

Uncover population migration trends and associated demographic shifts.
● Explore domestic migration patterns and population changes at the state, county, CBSA, city, or ZIP code level.
● Analyze the impact of these changes on a region’s demographics, including household income, age, ethnicity, education level, and home value.
● Break down population and migration insights by urban, suburban, or rural areas.
● Discover any region’s top migration origins and destinations, as well as likely reasons for the migration*.

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Return to Office Report

Analyze how office visitation has recovered in major U.S. cities since COVID-19.
● Gain insight into the recovery rate of any city and find out how it’s been trending over time.
● Compare recovery rates between major cities and against the nationwide average.
● Break down recovery rates by day of the week and commute distance.
● Urban developers, businesses, and policymakers can leverage these insights to understand the evolving landscape of office use and strategize accordingly.

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