Datafy was born out of a consistent request from communities seeking better solutions for data analytics. Existing solutions were slow, cumbersome and often prohibitively expensive.  They were out of reach for many communities. Through years of technology optimization and relationship building with multiple data providers, Datafy has developed a revolutionary way for communities to understand their visitation and create targeted marketing campaigns to reach their audiences. Datafy was originally founded as a proprietary software product of a leading economic development consultancy. This product became a vital service to destinations trying to better understand their visitor base and create efficient marketing campaigns resulting in tracked visits to the destination. It became clear Datafy should be it’s own business and was launched by its Co-Founders as a stand-alone company in January 2021.

Led by seasoned tech executives, data scientists, PhDs and tourism and marketing professionals, Datafy is headquartered in Ogden, Utah with additional remote teams across the country. Since the full launch of our core product in 2020, Datafy has seen explosive growth! As of August 2021, Datafy has 16 employees with aggressive growth plans. We believe we are in fact the fastest growing tech company (client count and revenue) in the travel and tourism space with hundreds of DMO clients from coast to coast; from the very largest DMOs in the USA to some of the smallest … and we love them all equally.

Privately held with funding from sophisticated investors and entrepreneurs, Datafy has a clear roadmap to continue to lead and innovate in travel-tech. We show more than we tell, so Datafy won’t be making a lot of PR announcements … but we will continue to quietly grow quickly as we spend all of our resources building the best travel-tech software in the world.