Foundation Governance & Nominations Committee

The Governance and Nominating Committee of the Foundation shall annually analyze the present composition of the board of trustees. The committee shall have the responsibility for ongoing board development, leadership development, board and board member assessment, board education, and for ensuring that the board is equipped with proper guidelines and structure to do their work. Included in this scope is the responsibility of reviewing bylaws and governance documents to recommend amendments or replacements for approval by the Foundation Board of Trustees as needed to improve efficiency and ensure best practices are set in place.

2024 Committee Members

  • Al Hutchinson, President & CEO, Visit Baltimore
  • Amir Eylon, President & CEO, Longwoods International (Co-Chair)
  • Dave Herrell, President & CEO, Visit Quad Cities
  • Todd O'Leary, CDME, CTIS, Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Sonoma County Tourism  
  • Katherine O'Donnell, CDME, Executive Vice President, Richmond Region Tourism
  • Kellie Henderson, Senior Vice President, SearchWide Global
  • Milton Segarra, CDME, President & CEO, Discover The Palm Beach
  • Stacy Ritter, CDME, President & CEO, Visit Lauderdale
  • Stacy Ritter, CDME, President & CEO, Visit Lauderdale
  • Vail Ross, Managing Director, 2Synergize a Simpleview Company (Co-Chair)

Destinations International Staff Liaison

  • Chelsea Welter, SVP of Governance & Administration

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