Destination Booking Agreement (DBA)

As destination organizations and business event strategists evaluate the continually shifting requirements for events, it is important to have the needs and commitments clearly outlined for both organizations to maximize the success of their business event strategies.

The Destination Booking Agreement (DBA) is a client agreement document that is utilized by a CVB/Destination Organization when they secure a future meeting or convention. Historically referred to as a Letter of “Agreement”, “Intent” or “Commitment”, the document typically outlines both the commitment and liability associated for both the booking organization and the host destination in the event of a cancellation or booking displacement.

Who does it apply to?

The general guidelines and best practices are applicable to destinations and meetings of all sizes and market make ups.

Why is it important?

  • It creates recommended terminology that will provide uniformity in destinations and result in operational ease for meeting professionals as they work with different cities.
  • It provides clear timelines, expectations, and accountability for both parties.
  • It addresses the impact of event cancellations.
  • It creates more opportunity for deeper partnerships between the CVB, Convention Center and Event Strategists.


Just as every event is different, we understand that every destination is also different. The DBA toolkit consists of three documents that can be used by CVBs to cultivate a DBA that works for their specific model.