Visa Destination Insights

Corporate Partner

Discover your destination’s top visitor markets and their spending habits with Visa Destination Insights.

Visa Destination Insights is an on-demand web application that provides deep, timely insights into visitor and resident spend patterns, seasonal visitation trends, peer destinations performance, and trip details down to the postal code level. Visa Destination Insights delivers three years of data through interactive dashboards, querying tools, and pre-generated reports.

Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) use Visa Destination Insights to better measure, manage, and promote travel and tourism at their destination. With Visa Destination Insights, DMOs can:

•  Identify their destination’s top visitor markets and understand their spending habits

•  Analyze the impact of events, campaigns, and seasonality on visitor and resident spend

•  Benchmark their destination’s performance against peer destinations and industry averages

•  Identify new opportunities to attract and retain visitors and increase their spend

•  Optimize their marketing strategies and budgets based on data-driven insights

Case Studies

•  NYC Tourism + Conventions uses Visa Destination Insights to help attract valuable visitor segments to New York City. Read more.

•  Visit Lake Tahoe uses Visa Destination Insights to better understand visitor spend behavior and help drive tourism revenue. Read more.

•  Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority (CRVA) uses Visa Destination Insights to engage international audiences and increase visitor volume. Read more.

•  Utilizing VDI’s spend insights, Localis helped their airline client to improve targeting and spend efficiency. Read more.