Gallagher is a Global Insurance Brokerage and Risk Advisory Firm. We are a market leader in the Hospitality and Entertainment industries with over 90 office in the US and in over 150 Countries. Gallagher has partnered with Destinations International to develop an Event Cancellation program. This program is exclusively designed for Destinations International members and their clients. This program was developed with input from DI members and is bespoke to the needs of the Convention and Meeting Planners industries. The Coverage protects for budgeted costs, expenses and revenue should an event be cancelled or disrupted for the following risks:

•    Adverse weather
•    Terrorism – act, threat, fear
•    Non-appearance 
•    Civil commotion
•    Public Sentiment & Reputational 
•    National mourning
•    Active shooter
•    War – actual or threat  

Signing up for this program will grant you access to the most current coverages tailored for today’s exposures. This program will protect Destinations International members and their clients from financial loss in the event of a cancellation.  

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