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Destinations International is committed to providing its members and partners with resources that they want, need and are willing to support. The following offerings will continue to grow as Destinations International looks to identify value driven products for our members that are both scalable and essential to the success of their organizations. 

Anderson Benson is a privately held Insurance Brokerage and Risk Advisory firm. We are a market leader in the Hospitality and Entertainment industries with offices located in Nashville, New York City and Los Angeles. Anderson Benson has partnered with Destinations International to develop an Event Cancellation program. This program is exclusively designed for Destinations International members and their clients. This program was developed with input from DI members and is bespoke to the needs of the Convention and Meeting Planners industries. The Coverage protects for budgeted costs, expenses and revenue should an event be cancelled or disrupted for the following risks:

  • Adverse weather
  • Terrorism – act, threat, fear
  • Non-appearance 
  • Civil commotion
  • Public Sentiment & Reputational 
  • National mourning
  • Active shooter
  • War – actual or threat  

Signing up for this program will grant you access to the most current coverages tailored for today’s exposures. This program will protect Destinations International members and their clients from financial loss in the event of a cancellation.  


Contact for more information and to sign up[email protected]
Call: 615-630-7869 


Carvertise helps DMOs and travel brands increase visitation and popularity to their destinations through advertising on Uber/Lyft cars. Carvertise places ads on these cars and sends them to "work" specific concerts, festivals, and sporting events of the client's choosing. Drivers are given travel pamphlets to hand out to passengers and curious onlookers. Our state of the art analytics platform helps track and show ROI for each campaign. Carvertise works with over 40 different DMOs across the country. Results matter!

Contact: Greg Star, Co-Founder
[email protected]



Clarity of Place offers a toolbox for Destination Advocacy. We are industry veterans with proven destination development and execution success. Through Clarity of Place, we aim to transform the way destinations view their competitiveness and leverage the value of their destination organizations. Our innovative Community Input Management and Monitoring System is built on industry best practices and our commitment to helping communities and their stewards thrive. Our system filters and interprets information and data in the context of what matters most to a destination's ability to impact its overall community. This allows organizations to carry out their stated strategy and long-term vision while reacting to external shocks or opportunities. 

Contact: David Holder, President
[email protected]

Longwoods International is a leading tourism market research firm and longtime Destinations International partner. An exclusive partnership means Destinations International members will have access to the data they need at an affordable price.

CVBs need the best available research both to demonstrate accountability and to make data- driven decisions in the marketing of their destinations.  Member-exclusive pricing and added value are available for visitor research, “Halo-Effect” studies, and the very important “Resident Sentiment” research that Longwoods has pioneered. In addition to getting access to quality research and insights at a tremendous value, you will also be supporting the industry.

Longwoods International will contribute a portion of the proceeds from every report commissioned under this program to the Destinations International Foundation. The Foundation helps to fund a variety of Destinations International initiatives aimed at advancing the DMO industry through education, research, advocacy, and best practices. For more information on this partnership, please contact us at [email protected] or visit our website at https://longwoods-intl.com.

Download Info Sheet

Contact: Amir Eylon, Partner and President & CEO
[email protected]

The Meetings Information Network (MINT+) database helps destinations prospect intelligently by using both historical data and information on future bookings. A joint venture between Destinations International and Simpleview, MINT+ is a shared repository of information on organizations and their meetings and events and is the DMO industry’s exclusive data cooperative.

Contact: Christine "Shimo" Shimasaki, Managing Director, 2Synergize
[email protected]

For more information on MINT+, please contact us at [email protected] or visit our website and download our Simpleguide.

RISE is CFO by design’s new powerful, data driven tool and the answer to your diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. Members of Destinations International will have access to exclusive early adopter subscription pricing for a limited time.

Our goal with RISE is to provide economic opportunity to historically underrepresented businesses. In short, RISE will aid a DMO in identifying not only their spend with diverse vendors, but also with their local small-business community. In addition to identifying the composition on vendors, RISE will provide a vendor directory that will allow DMOs to more effectively source opportunities with diverse businesses who understand their industry. RISE will also dive into a DMOs local partner business community, providing meeting planners with an easily accessible directory of local diverse businesses in the tourism industry, aiding their efforts to support diverse businesses.

As a commitment to our ongoing partnership with Destinations International, a portion of all subscription fees will be donated to support the work of the Destinations International Foundation. To learn more about RISE and how it can support your DEI journey, contact us at [email protected].

Contact: Arron Brooks, Director, RISE
[email protected]
(512) 409-9631

As the travel industry rebounds, destinations are struggling almost universally to fill open job positions. To provide destinations with relevant and actionable insights, Destinations International and Tourism Economics have partnered to launch a high-frequency analysis of workforce dynamics for communities within the SYMPHONY intelligence platform. This comprehensive tracker provides data for the local workforce available, including insights on wages, the type and quality of jobs, race, and other measures of labor market dynamics by sector. This is now available as a module within the Symphony intelligence center, allowing destination organization teams to efficiently aggregate, analyze, and share their entire data ecosystem.

Contact: Adam Sacks, President, Tourism Economics
[email protected]

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Kim Bach

Senior Director of Partnership
Destinations International

Kim leads Destinations International's strategic partner program. Her direct focus revolves around managing partners, and business members, and implementing programs that have a strategic emphasis on business development and industry advocacy. 

Most recently, Kim was a Partner Manager for the Adventure Travel Trade Association; leading projects and managing partners in North America, Oceania, Asia, as well as Gear and Media accounts. Prior to this, Kim worked as a Global Program Manager for a high-end expedition travel company where she was responsible for the travel logistics and operations of 35+ bespoke maritime and overland programs globally. Highlights include a mid-winter trek to Everest Basecamp and crossing the Antarctic Circle at 66º south. She began in the industry and held accelerated positions at a high-profile organization that was responsible for destination marketing for the city of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. 

Kim has traveled to over 60 countries and currently resides in Bend, Oregon where she enjoys skiing, hiking, and hitting the links in search of her 3rd hole-in-one.

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