EDI Case Study: Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp


While the nation was reeling during two pandemics – systemic racism and COVID – the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp (NCVC) leadership team realized its team members had varying levels of knowledge about the reason for civil unrest, had a desire to learn more and were seeking ways to empathize while making a difference. Rather than beginning with the establishment of an external Diversity Council, the NCVC opted to look within its own organization and ultimately created the NCVC Diversity Council (NDC).

The Council’s purpose is to build upon its existing engagement efforts within Nashville’s culturally rich communities. While the Council is open to all staff members, it was important to have as many diversity segments as possible from all departments represented upon its creation. The first initiative of the NDC was to provide an opportunity for its staff to offer an honest assessment of the organization’s diversity and inclusion efforts, and to make recommendations for improvement. The result of this critical process provided the NDC with a blueprint to further develop this meaningful work to help ensure that Nashville is a welcoming city for all.

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Virtual Lunch + Learns with local community institutions educated the team about the history and cultures throughout the Nashville community.


Several objectives resulted from this internal Council, including an expansion of an online library of educational resources that was created following the death of George Floyd and a book club to provide staff members with opportunities to learn more about one another and celebrate their uniqueness and commonalities. The Council has also hosted several virtual Lunch + Learns with local community institutions to educate the team about the history and cultures throughout the Nashville community. Great examples of these learning opportunities for the team included the topics on Nashville’s extraordinary role in the civil rights movement, women’s empowerment and their role in social justice as well as education about the city’s Asian, Kurdish, Indian and LGBT communities.

"While the NCVC has great relationships in our communities, there is always a way to improve and further engage."

Mary Sueing
Senior Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion
Nashville CVC

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