EDI Case Study: Destination Augusta

In 2019, Destination Augusta embarked on a rebranding and marketing campaign to reposition Augusta to reflect the destination’s authenticity. Widely recognized as the host destination for the annual Masters Tournament, the team’s goal was to alter the perception that the destination is traditional and lacks youthfulness, energy and fun. Strategically, the Destination Augusta team wanted to embrace and boldly convey the city’s soulful and gritty side, accentuated by its diversity of people and culture.

Campaign requirements dictated the inclusion of locals and diverse representation from all aspects including, but not limited to race, age, family units, couples, singles, sexual orientation and interests. Creative agencies representing minority ownership were invited to participate in the process. Ultimately, an Augusta-based firm was selected and delivered a comprehensive campaign based on the following five main goals:

  1. Be bold, diverse and young.
  2. Use Augusta’s story to influence the decision to travel to the destination.
  3. Promote Augusta’s “local experience” to leisure travelers.
  4. Encourage local buy-in and a sense of community pride.
  5. Increase market share in all visitor markets.

"I am most pleased at how we stayed true to our focus on diversity, equity and inclusion with stakeholders and the eventual local individuals who are representing Augusta in our marketing campaign, including people of color and the LGBTQ+ community. I am also excited that our new agency was committed to our vision of showing the authentic Augusta, as they channeled James Brown in so much of their visioning and work. They have officially noted in our brand material that our typography is inspired by posters from the era in which James Brown created a new sound unique to the South and to the world, from right here in Augusta."

Bennish Brown
President & CEO
Destination Augusta

To learn more, visit: visitaugusta.com